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So we can find what you're looking for quite quickly, and get it delivered to you speedily. If, there's something you need and we don't have it, then blame Dave, he's our stock manager, our rule of thumb is that everything is his fault, but don't worry, because Dave and his stock support team have excellent relationships with just about everyone in this industry and being a Fegime member helps

Fegime is a buying group with 18 national organisations and more than 230 independent electrical wholesalers who co-operate within the framework of Fegime, it is an innovative force in European electrical wholesale, it offers the assurance to its suppliers and customers that they are dealing with professional well run businesses of good integrity.

With over 100 branches in the UK no matter where you are working there's bound to be one near you. Be assured that we can get the item you require and have it delivered to you at lighting speed (and a great price)




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